LIVENODING 900 / SV Multi Armature Bone Constraint Modifiers


1. bones in an armature are animated like a finger bending.

2. the animation is made into an Action. This saves the action information but removes the actual action from the bones.

3. an action contraint is applied to them so that when, in this case, arm_main is moved on the z axis the Action is called and the bones are animated based on the amount of movement of the arm_main. The amount of movement is clamped to min 0.0 to max 1.0.

4. then the bones are duplicated. the animation constraint works the same as with the first one.

But if we wanted them to be offset.

5. we use SV to control their min and max seperatedly. See SV node tree image. Or click on Jimmy’s Livenoding for a deeper understanding.