This from the developers at nortikin:

СВеРЧОК, The Russian word for Cricket, is pronounced “Sverchok” in English.

Sverchok is a parametric tool for Blender built to help generate complex 3d shapes using a node system to control the flow of math and geometry. It is ideally suited to Architects and Designers, but anyone with highschool Math and Trigonometry will be able to produce results that are impossible to achieve unless you know text based programming languages such as Python or C.

Those familiar with Houdini, Rhinoceros3D (Grasshopper), Dynamo or other modular systems should feel at home using our addon. Sverchok is not an attempt to clone existing packages or workflows, but a chance to experiment with different approaches to similar constraints.

01. acity

01. The piece created here is a simple procedural city build using the letter ‘a’.

Not much time was put into the look of things… kind of a fast sketch of elements. Shortly I will put up a link to explain how it was done. For now, this will do – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LlbcOWWdCM – the inspiration for ‘acity’ is at 24 mins in.

02. acity 2

02. Later the same day, when the sun had moved over to the other side of the world, I took the particle birds and added the much used Animation Nodes setup (I’ve saved to the default startup file) to it.

note to self...

Would love to be able to share resources between Animation Nodes and Sverchok.





simple deformation - bend





This modifier shifts the shape of a mesh, curve, surface or lattice to any of a few pre-defined shapes (sphere, cylinder, cuboid).

It is equivalent to the To Sphere tool in Edit Mode Mesh ‣ Transform ‣ To Sphere, Alt-Shift-S and what other programs call “Spherify” or “Spherize”, but, as written above, it is not limited to casting to a sphere.


Opening files from a url

I learn this today… that I could open a sverchok file directly from Nortikin’s gitbub.

This is the file:



1. copy the zip url from the web page.

2. in blender hit spacebar (search) type ‘zip’, go down to Load archive URL (.zip .gz of blend)

3. and the file opens.

4. and so yes, of course it works with any url to a blender zip file

so here’s a ball on some string…


…appearenly there’s free candy below.

3d Voronoi

VORONOI diagrams are some interesting math I probably won’t have time to chew on… but the objects it can create are pretty much hard candy, or soft candy.

After opening the file above from the nortikin github, I made my own… which was easy because I did it while watching Jimmy Gunawan making one. Jimmy is a prolific Live Noder… he nodes live and records and though ocationally he gets knoted, just watching him untangle himself is a facinating dance to behold. It’s great to watch a mind tick when it’s ticking.

Anyway… this was an easy one to follow. The basics of using the voronoi 3D node: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6RBdoPht00


1. This is the node tree in Sverchok

2. I created this voronoi cube.

3. Which when baked makes the cubed cube.

4. I added modifiers to.

5. And animated it.

free candy


…help yourself. I like the orange one… soft in the middle.

If you need a version of blender you can get it here… it’s free: https://www.blender.org/

LIVENODING 900 / SV Multi Armature Bone Constraint Modifiers


1. bones in an armature are animated like a finger bending.

2. the animation is made into an Action. This saves the action information but removes the actual action from the bones.

3. an action contraint is applied to them so that when, in this case, arm_main is moved on the z axis the Action is called and the bones are animated based on the amount of movement of the arm_main. The amount of movement is clamped to min 0.0 to max 1.0.

4. then the bones are duplicated. the animation constraint works the same as with the first one.

But if we wanted them to be offset.

5. we use SV to control their min and max seperatedly. See SV node tree image. Or click on Jimmy’s Livenoding for a deeper understanding.

Contour 2d

LIVENODING 911 / SV Contour 2D First Look



contour offset a curve/line/spline

Circular noise turbulance

LIVENODING 909 / SV Circular Noise Turbulance 
for Alien Tower



I’m interested in the halftone effect of this. I’d like to apply it to an image.

eventually I came across this, done in AN - video






Deform By Formula node

LIVENODING 910 / SV Basic Wave using Deform By Formula node





connected vertises using SV and AN



– points are generated by SV on a radius

– and the viewer BMesh create an object that AN can access


– an generates splines from the SV points based on closes edge

TEXT in sv - on a path






the bones of a leaf







– objects (grouped) are created in SV

– then the Group is animated in AN

texture lines


Matrix Rotation explained…

1. set x y or z to 1.0

2. set A as the rotation of it

grid work - monad


The Russian word for Cricket, pronounced "Sverchok".