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animation nodes – Answer to the question – What is Animation Nodes addon used for?

The Animation Nodes addon (AN) is a “Node based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in Blender.”

It allows you to create procedual animations on individual objects or on hundreds of them at the same time. Furthermore you can archieve many effects that are otherwise only possible through programming.

To get a better impression of what is possible, here is the Showreel 2015.

Showreel 2017
And a review from Nicolas Priniotakis:

blendernation review-animation-nodes-addon

low poly animation

Notes to self...

…thinking how i could make the transition between changes smooth… but an element is suddenly there … might not be possible.


Controling nodes with a [“custom property”] from the camera. This is done so the animation nodes elements can be viewed and edited in the Graph Editor and Dope Sheet


The gradual falloff of an effect.

Inital ocean

cube ocean setup.

Fall off object

The above applied to Suzanne.

Falloff on multiple objects

Playing with falloffs and ID Keys in Animation Nodes (work in progress)

Jacques Lucke

Falloff on multiple objects IN A GROUP

In this example, Beethoven has been shattered and all his pieces are flown about, reassembling and disassembling.

Note: It took a long time to realize that the Initial Transforms of the objects in the group need to be set before building the node tree… else all the objects fallback to the some other origin. Probably the origin of the group?

similar nodes – videos

Visual falloff box

I created a visual falloff box, not unlike the one found in C4D’s MoGraph Effectors. The center green box is 100% effect and then if falls off to the orange box. Both are sizeable and the orange box is parented to the green box.


C4D's MoGraph falloff box


Blender Animation Node's falloff box


Type animation

Procedural text animation save a lot of time. I use to animate each letter. I’m trying not to do that so much now.
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Sound Animation

Audio influencing the animation of properties.

Most of this amazing AN node tree is the work of Samuel Manoel… the red boxes. You can see his work here:

 I just did the look and feel stuff down at the bottom… and the sad piece of muisc.

The following are more simplified ways to get a similar effect.


The next section in Animation Nodes is a selection of different Node Trees…