The animation I’ve been exploring lately has been mainly percedual animation – animation created primarily through programming based methods. I’ve not done much programing as of late. Blender uses Python for this and I’ve played with it but have not yet “explored” it to any depth.


The reason for that is because of two ADDON programs to Blender – Animation Nodes and Sverchok.  These programmes are node based visual scripting addons – all the thinking of programing without all the typing. Which is great, because my spelling is not so dobro and nothing is  pickier about proper syntex than a computer.


Additionally, there are some exploration into particles and liquid simulations but even in these I get drawn back into applying the perceptual toys I’ve made in Animation Nodes to these simulation… I fast forget they are even simulations.




Blender has a painting, drawing, classical animation tool called Greece Pencil (rediculous name). I’d like to explore this in more depth…


Grease Pencil videos


Needs more bounce on the B-Ball.