modeling basics - I often forget

control-shif-B = bleveling a vertex

modeling with modifiers



1. Chain link is made with a half torus seperated slightly on the x axis from it’s origin point, then connected to itself with a Mirror modifier and an extruding of the torus ends.

2. An Array modifier is applied to the link using Relative Offset set to .7 on the x axis to alow for the overlap.

3. An empty is used as an  Object Offset, rotated slightly to offset the rotation of each link.

4. A Nurbs Path is created and the Array modifier is set to Fit Curve. The Nurbs Path is selected as the curve to fit to and the chain matches the lenth of the Nurbs Path.

5. To have the chain follow the shape of the Nurbs Path – a Curve modifier is applied to the chain and the Nurbs Path is selected as the modifying curve.

6. Now when the curve is modified the chain is modified along with it and Bob’s your uncle… Well, he’s my uncle.