Solidify / Boolean

This map topology effect is inspired by

f°am Studio


I watch part of a C4D tutorial on how it could have been made (splines were used). The tutorial was very long. Took me a fraction of the time to do this with a couple of modifiers in Blender. I never finished the tutorial so there’s probably much to be gotten from it.



1. planes are stacked on top of each, .05 units between them.


2. Solidify mod is applied to each with a thinkness of .05 units.


3. above that mod is another Boolean mod that intersects each plane with the noise object.

     – the noise object is a subdivided plane. (higher the res, smoother the topography lines) It’s extruded for depth and a noise texture in a Displace mod is applied to it.

4. The noise object is animated moving through the stacked planes (text).