sv - low poly image


Creating a low poly image is to simplify the image by dividing it up, or triangulating it. Then for each triangle a color is calculated using the method of displacement on xyz converted to rgb (or is it the other way around?)


This gif shows the element to be created.

1. red dots – vertices added to the original image plane that will be used to calculate the triangulation using the Delaunay 2D node.

2. white dots – center of each polygon (triangle)

3. white line – edges of polygons created.

4. black dots – centers of polygons displaced on xyz based on their rgb color value – done by using a displacement modifier with a cube object controlling it’s texture coordinates.





Node setup


source tutorial:


Note: I’ve made a few adjustments to Jimmy Gunawan’s setup in the source tutorial. Mainly using Viewer Bmesh instead of View Draw so there is no need to bake the elements. Now changes to the vertices on the original image update automatically… when the sv node tree are executed.


Image credit:


Animated points on the y axis




Alternative ways to apply points

Points can also be generated using other means. In this video the points are generated using particles and attraction forces.


The images is Maya from Overkill’s The Walking Dead… 3D Character. Created by goodbye kansass studio:



sv - low poly image