Peter O’Neill, award winning digital artist and principle at, has over 25 years experience in digital media, design, motion graphic, interactives, to 2D, 3D animation and FX. With an insatiable creative curiosity, Peter has a reach beyond expectations and well into the unexpected.
With experience comes a well disciplined network of creative minds. collaborates with the best. From video editor, writers, animators, to creative directors, audio designers and project managers a well versed team exists for every project. 


Animated Graphics Package for Chopper Pictures Inc.

Client: Chopper Pictures.

Motion graphics and 3D for Recycle My Electronics – Commercial

Client: Resonator.

3D / Motion Graphics / Video Editing ~ Microsoft ~ Live show with The Mark of a Leader

Client: The Mark of a Leader.

3D / Motion Graphics ~ Magna – video wall

Client: Livewire

In collaboration with Chopper Pictures.

Opening titles / Motion Graphics ~ The Organizer – Documentary

Client: Nick Tylor – Director, Writer

Motion Graphics / Video Editing ~ Microsoft ~ Cloud Solutions Provider

Client: Further.


3D / Motion Graphics ~ WWCD

Client: Resonator.

3D / Motion Graphics ~ FOOD&DRINK Magizine

Client: LCBO.

3D / Motion Graphics ~ Stewardship Ontario – commercial – Orange Drop

Client: Chopper Pictures.

Motion Graphics ~ Heybud! – web commercial

Client: Spark

In collaboration with Dan Whalen.

Sparkinc     /      Dan Whalen

3D animation/Editing ~ EDC

Client: Whirl

Animation ~ Petro-Canada – Vancouver Olypics – 2010

Client: Meld Media

Motion Graphics ~ Cogeco – Commercials

Client: Ogilvy

In collaboration with Chopper Pictures

Recent exploration from the.LAB



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